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Oh hey, gay! Time to slay with a .gay domain.

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Picking a domain name might not be on the top of your head when starting your blog or business,  but it can get tricky once you get down to it. A lot of good can come with the correct name, and a lot can go wrong later on if you don’t get it right. Therefore, it’s essential to make the right decision.


Now, you can go down the easy route and choose a .com domain, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, when it comes to availability, most .com domain names are already taken. Enter .gay domain names! You’ll have a shorter, more descriptive domain of your business, and that ends in .gay – how fierce is that!?


Given that your domain name is like your virtual business card, it holds a lot of branding value. Why? Because it’s the first thing your target audience will hear and type in to visit your website. Not to mention that your domain name will be a part of your company email address.


So if you’re a business, organization, or an individual looking to create more visibility and connection within the LGBTQ+ community, why not show your support by adopting a .gay domain?

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Since its launch in 2020, the .gay top-level domain has been doing things differently. To support LGBTQ communities directly .gay breaks the industry mold by donating 20% of all new registration revenue to benefit LGBTQ nonprofit groups. The extension has raised over $167,000 since its 2020 launch for its beneficiaries, GLAAD, and CenterLink.


But their efforts to impact LGBTQ+ communities don’t stop there. The .gay Rights Protections Policy prohibits using .gay for harassing and hateful comments. It provides specific, enforceable remedies for domains that intentionally use .gay to malign or harm LGBTQ individuals or groups. These industry-leading anti-hate policies are the first of their kind.


By using a .gay domain, not only would you be making your brand memorable, but you would also be making a difference in the LGBTQ+ community.

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