Camille Ora-Nicole

Camille Ora-Nicole’s (she/they) single “Golden Hour”

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About Camille Ora-Nicole

Camille Ora-Nicole (she/they) is a queer songwriter, producer, and multi-spatial artist based in Southern California. Her music falls neatly into chamber pop, combining orchestral arrangements and melodies with elements of indie pop, lo-fi, and neo-soul.

Camille Ora-Nicole made their debut in 2015 with an acoustic EP called “Just For You”, under the artist name Oracami. The EP was a series of love songs focusing on self-esteem, passion, and finding love in unexpected places.

Lyrically, Camille is inspired by Syd, Kehlani, Fiona Apple, Janelle Monae, Sara Bareilles and Weyes Blood.



Golden Hour

The song was written, composed, and produced by Camille Ora-Nicole. It was written, fittingly, at golden hour, drawing on the magic of that particular time of day. The song speaks on being in love, and wanting to express it, but feeling afraid that the feeling isn’t reciprocated. The orchestral arrangement, soothing melodies, and use of lo-fi guitar come together to create a soothing, nostalgic chamber pop single that anyone can relate to.



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The Journey

Camille started writing at the age of 7, not long after reading Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. She started learning how to play guitar on a whim at the age of 11. As she grew up and became aware of her queerness, writing became necessary. Writing became a way to both heal and escape.

They first learned music theory, bass, and piano. She wrote and performed her first song at 13, and from there played in school bands, church, and youth group. Outside school and church-based bands, Camille played regularly with other musically inclined classmates. At 16, Camille began to write music in earnest. It became a crucial way for her to work through difficult questions and emotions revolving around identity, religion, and family. To this day, writing is a balm. Camille is not only a songwriter, but a poet and screenwriter.


Camille is available and excited to write, produce, and collaborate with other music artists. For more information, email


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