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Camille Ora-Nicole’s (she/they) single “Golden Hour”

About Camille Ora-Nicole Camille Ora-Nicole (she/they) is a queer songwriter, producer, and multi-spatial artist based in Southern California. Her music falls neatly into chamber pop, combining orchestral arrangements and melodies with elements of indie pop, lo-fi, and neo-soul. Camille Ora-Nicole…

Oh hey, gay! Time to slay with a .gay domain.

Picking a domain name might not be on the top of your head when starting your blog or business,  but it can get tricky once you get down to it. A lot of good can come with the correct name,…

LGBTQ singer-songwriter Homer Marrs releases new song “This Fantastic Nightmare”

Discovered nationwide for his live performance of “The Facebook Song” on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in support of the first National UnFriend Day, the Los Angeles–based indie rock musician Homer Marrs is back!    Featured on the covers of the September…

LGBTQ+ campaigners call off Pride march in Georgia following violent attack from counter-protestors

  LGBTQ+ campaigners cancelled their “March for Dignity” Pride event in Georgia after counter-protestors stormed their offices in Tbilisi.   According to local reports, several campaigners and journalists were attacked during their rampage, which led to the Tbilisi Pride group…

Brazilian Presidential Hopeful Eduardo Leite Comes Out As Gay

As Brazil counts down to their next elections, a potential Presidential candidate, Governor Eduardo Leite of Rio Grande do Sul on Thursday evening came out as gay during a television interview with the country’s top broadcaster TV Globo. Source (…


BODY, MIND & SPIRIT INTEGRATION THROUGH MEDITATION  EMBRACING THE THEME OF LGBTQ+ HISTORY MONTH 2021   Our dedicated Meditation Course for the LGBTQ+ Community & History Month 2021 FISU Meditation techniques are designed to integrate the three aspects of man…

Pro basketball player Marco Lehmann comes out as gay

Basketball star Marco Lehmann ‘overwhelmed’ by the positive reaction to coming out as gay “Now I’ll try to help young sportsmen who are in the same situation,” Marco Lehmann tells Attitude. Source ( Pro basketball player Marco Lehmann comes out…

Rainbow Shorts At Flickerfest 2021

This prestigious short film festival returns to Sydney  celebrating its 30th anniversary and the Rainbow Shorts Program, which is a dedicated program for LGBTQI shorts from around the world, should… Source: Rainbow Shorts At Flickerfest 2021

Visibility in the classroom – I want to be the teacher I never had in school

This autumn, I start training to become a secondary school music teacher. If you’d have told that to my teenage self 10 years ago, he would have laughed in your face. For that young closeted kid, school was a hellscape….

Olly Alexander, Mel C and more to host on Hits Radio Pride

A new dedicated LGBTQ+ pop-up station, Hits Radio Pride is set to launch this Friday (28 August) with a line-up of presenters and special guest hosts. Fleur East, Jordan Lee, James Barr, Stephanie Hirst and Charlie Powell will be joined…