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Introducing Esmale, online adult superstore

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Hello, we are esmale, an online-only store providing gay sex toys, sexy wear, hot fetish tools & gear plus lots more delivered directly to your door wherever you are. We are very happy to collaborate with ProudOut and look forward to welcoming you to our store. For those of you who do not know who we are here is a little more about us.

Love yourself!

One of the main focuses of our store is to provide products that will put a smile on your face, offer your body great sensations and free your mind. In addition to delivering pleasure, we also want to make sure you look sexy and to achieve that we have a huge collection of underwear, fetish wear, singlets, harnesses and more. Another area in which we aim to provide the best in is our range of sex essentials like lubricants, performance enhancers and more. For those of you that enjoy poppers we have a separate store for this. Lastly, we are here for all the pigs and those who like their play hardcore. With our BDSM, fetish and fisting ranges you can really satisfy those deep desires you have. In short, we aim to provide you with anything that can help spice up your adult play.

Even though some of our marketing material is often aimed at gay men we have many customers representing the complete spectrum of the LGBTQ+ community. A community we are proud to be part of and support in various ways. A lot of what we try to achieve with the sale of our products is to create the freedom to explore your body and identify what it is you enjoy. Whether this is on your own or with a partner. In our 13 years of operating, we have received a lot of feedback from customers who feel better and more sexually confident after starting their journey into adult pleasure. A journey we encourage everybody to start.


So, all the above is true. We are focused on supporting people in their adult self-development journey but many of you already are and then we are here to assist in FUN! Simply get some gay lube or horny tools for an afternoon session or buy yourself some sexy addicted underwear. Esmale is just a platform where you get what you need for the right price and off you go.

It is easy to just say that we are all these things, so we thought we share some customer feedback we have had.

Brendan from Brighton said: “ I had seen various adverts for esmale but have always thought using toys on myself would feel a bit weird and perhaps a bit sad. Well, after I decided to do it anyways I am not looking back! I am a big fan of there anal toys collection and I treat myself to at least one session a week. I know love pleasuring myself and it also really helps me to de-stress”.

Ollie from Hull mentioned: “ I know there is more to esmale than just a store but I simply use them to get stuff and go. I use them for their great service, product selection and quick delivery. I also use the poppers shop for my favourite, Liquid gold poppers.”

Jules from Bordeaux said: “ esmale has become my go-to store, simply because I can’t get a lot of their products here in France”

That is it.

So, in short the above is what we are all about. Over time we will provide more content to ProudOut highlighting products and experiences that hopefully you connect with.

If you have any questions please contact us via the website, email or just call us. We have a great team of individuals who are here to help you with advice and guidance.

For all ProudOur readers we have added a voucher code to the esmale store. Please use code ESGIVE10 and get and extra 10% off your purchase. Code is valid on everything, even already discounted products.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us as much as we will enjoy providing you with all your pleasure needs.

With love,

Team esmale

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