zario - Are you really addicted to Grindr?

Are you really addicted to Grindr?

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When co-founder of the newest screen time reduction app Ondrej Zak found himself swiping on Grindr during a work meeting, he realized he needed to confront not just his dating app obsession, but his smartphone addiction. Despite trying everything, from app detoxes that left him frustrated and alone to app blockers that led to creative workarounds, he couldn’t break free. Self-control wasn’t his strong suit.

Zario Founder Killian Chiao and Ondrej Zak
Zario Founder Killian Chiao and Ondrej Zak

But here’s the twist: Ondrej soon understood it wasn’t Grindr he was addicted to; it was his device itself.

Sound familiar?

Ondrej led a vibrant life with an active social circle, an events-packed schedule (courtesy of ProudOut), and plenty of hobbies. Yet, his smartphone often stole the spotlight. Think about it: have you ever been in a group of friends where one person grabs their phone, prompting everyone else to do the same? Or when your dinner date leaves for a moment, and you instinctively reach for your phone?

We’ve all been there. In today’s digital age, our lives have been fundamentally affected by the presence of digital devices. They’ve redefined how we connect, how we work, and how we explore the world. They’ve become such an integral part of our daily routines that it’s challenging to imagine life without them. But somewhere along the way, our relationship with these devices has become a bit too cozy, a tad too dependent. The constant notifications, the endless scrolling, the reflexive checking – it’s all indicative of a deeper, often unconscious attachment.

This is precisely why Ondrej Zak developed Zario, a unique solution crafted to free us from these deeply ingrained digital habits.

Zario isn’t just another app blocker; it’s a tool designed to help us regain control over our digital lives. By embracing the power of Zario, users can embark on a journey of self-awareness, learning to be more mindful of their digital behavior and replacing those habitual dopamine rushes with healthier alternatives. What truly sets Zario apart is its revolutionary replacement mechanism, an innovation that other applications simply don’t possess. It doesn’t stop at displaying your extensive screen usage – it empowers you to take action, helping you close apps and fostering a profound sense of mindfulness regarding your digital habits. It’s a complete package with the potential to be truly transformative, a beacon guiding us towards a more balanced and fulfilling digital presence.

Zario - How it works

So, instead of abruptly bidding farewell to Grindr this week, consider giving Zario a try. Set some limits for yourself, and who knows, maybe that’s when you’ll stumble upon “the one” when you more consciously open the app to swipe.

Source: Written by Lindsay Galonska, Head of Growth and Marketing at Zario.

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