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TIN Embraces Hedonistic Habits in New Single, Buzzed

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For most of the population, there were many negatives that came out of the pandemic, but queer Australian singer-songwriter, TIN, turned one negative into a positive. His new single, Buzzed, talks of the the drinking problem that he developed during lockdown and how he learnt to embrace it rather than fight it.

“I had so many issues during the pandemic and the only way I could see to cope with it all was to drink. Eventually it became a habit that I would learn to embrace. I’ve since cut my drinking back a lot but at the time, it helped me escape from a really frustrating and exhausting few years.”

Buzzed follows the concept of TIN’s previous single aptly titled Chasing Highs and shows another aspect of partying in the gay community. The music video explores many different themes, including dark rooms, hallucinations and substance abuse, with each scene representing a different substance.

“The world of partying for gay men is a whole discourse in itself. We have our own language, we have our own traditions and having come out of the pandemic a different person, I’ve fallen in love with this world all over again. I feel like a kid in a candy store and this song is anthemic to that celebration.”

Buzzed is the second single from TIN’s upcoming EP out later this year. It is now available on all streaming services and can be seen at

About TIN

Inspired by the boy bands and girl groups of the noughties, TIN loves to create pop music that gives you all the feels. TIN’s lyrics are often about his misadventures as an outlandish gay creative just wanting to inspire and move people.

Prior to the pandemic, TIN toured Europe with over 20 shows in six different countries, during which time was sponsored by international underwear brand, Andrew Christian (affiliate link). He has since released his EP, Sex Cologne and Cigarettes which he dubs his stories of being a f**k boy in pop music form. With it came four music videos and a remix of his 2021 pride single, Firm.

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